The EE-3500 Magnetism System Trainer is an comprehensive and self-contained system specially design for Magnetism Circuit experiments training, the system consist of Universal Lab Station and 5 Experiment Modules covers a wide variety of essential topics in the field of Magnetism Circuit. It is a time and cost saving device for both students and researchers interested in developing and testing Magnetism Circuit’s prototypes in institution and universities.

System Consist Of:

• Universal Lab Trainer ULS-2000
• Magnetic Devices Module EE-3500-01
• Magnetic Field & Magnetism Application Module EE-3500-02
• Ampere’s Rule Module EE-3500-03
• Fleming’s Rule Module EE-3500-04
• Electromagnetic Induced & Flux Detection Module EE-3500-05
• Accessories Pack EE-3500-AP

Experiments Cover:

Experiment 1: Magnetic Devices
1. To understand the types and properties of magnets.
2. To learn how to operate relays.

Experiment 2: Magnetic Field
1. To demonstrate the applications of magnetic field.
2. To learn how to use magnetic devices in alarm circuits.

Experiment 3: Drawing Magnetic Curves
1. To understand the properties of magnetic field.
2. To draw the lines of force or flux lines.

Experiment 4: Magnetic Field Strength
1. To understand the magnetic field strength around a coil.
2. To study the factors for producing a magnetic field.
Experiment 5: Lenz’s and Faraday’s Laws
1. To become familiar with Lenz’s Law in electromagnetic induction.
2. To become familiar with Faraday’s Law in electromagnetic induction.

Experiment 6: Ampere’s Rule
1. To verify the right-hand rule by using a single wire.
2. To verify the right-hand rule by using a coil.

Experiment 7: Fleming’s Rule
1. To become familiar with Fleming’s left-hand rule.
2. To become familiar with Fleming’s right-hand rule.

Experiment 8: Self Induction
1. To understand the self-induction of a coil.
2. To verify the phenomenon of self-induction.

Experiment 9: Mutual Induction
1. To understand the mutual-induction between coils.
2. To verify the phenomenon of mutual-induction.

Experiment 10: Magnetic Flux Detection
1. To learn the operating principle of a Radiometric Linear Hall Effect Sensor
(Magnetic-flux-density sensor).
2. To understand the application of the magnetic flux detector circuit.

Universal Lab Station ULS-2000 Specification:

1. DC Power Supply Module
Fixed Output: +5V/0.5A, -5V/0.5A, +12V/0.5A, -12V/0.5A
Variable Output: +0V to +25V/0.5A, -0V to -25V/0.5A

2. AC Power Supply Module

3. Function Generator Module
Sine, Triangle and Square waveform output
Frequency range: 1Hz to 1MHz in 6 decades
With fine adjust, Amplitude and DC offset control
TTL output 1Hz to 1MHz in 6 decades
Six frequency ranges:
• 1Hz to 10Hz
• 10Hz to 100Hz
• 100Hz to 1KHz
• 1KHz to 10KHz
• 10KHz to 100KHz
• 100KHz to 500KHz
Sine wave output: 0 to 12V peak to peak variable
Triangle wave output: 0 to 8V peak to peak variable
Square wave output: 0 to 20V peak to peak variable

4. Five (5) Data Switches Module

5. Multi Interface Adaptor Module
Miniature Socket, 2mm Socket & 4mm Banana Adaptors

Accessories Pack EE-3500-AP:
• 2mm Stackable Test Lead Sets
• Neodymium Magnet Bar
• Instruction Manual & Experiments Manual.
• Power Cord

The EE-3500 is shipped with a comprehensive user’s manual, 2mm test lead set and a power cord.
Power Supply: 240VAC, 50Hz (Fused Protected)


Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices.