The ULM-8000 is a self-contained development tool for all types of analog and digital electronic circuits.


1. Dot Matrix Display Module
5 x 7 Dot Matrix Display

2. LCD Display Module
LCD panel (2 x 16 characters)

3. Frequency Counter Module
Counter range: 1Hz – 50MHz auto-ranging (Maximum 50MHz)
Accuracy: 5% for input frequency less than 1KHz
2% for input frequency greater than 1KHz
8 digits 7-segment LED display

4. Programmable Capacitors Module (Decade Capacitors Module)
1nF to 40nF (8 Programmable Decade)
0.1µF to 4µF (8 Programmable Decade)

5. Programmable Resistors Module (Decade Resistors Module)
10Ω to 400Ω (8 Programmable Decade)
1KΩ to 40KΩ (8 Programmable Decade)

6. Programmable Inductors Module (Decade Inductors Module)
1µH to 40µH (8 Programmable Decade)
100µH to 4mH (8 Programmable Decade)

7. Computer Interface Module
RS-232 Serial Interface
Centronics / Parallel Interface
USB Interface
BNC Connector

8. Potentiometer Module
With 1K, 10K, 100K and 1M Ohm Potentiometers

9. Switches
2 Positions Slide Switch
3 Positions Slide Switch

10. Adaptors Module
5 Channels 4mm Binding Post to Turn Pin Adaptor
10 Channels 2mm Test Pin to Turn Pin Adaptor

The ULM-8000 is shipped with a comprehensive softcopy user’s manual.
Dimensions (W x D x Hmm): 310 x 270 x 50
Weight (Kg) : 1.65


Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices.