Electrical Circuit Trainer Three Phase Lab EE-30860

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The Three Phase Lab with Three Phase Low Voltage Power Supply is an elite training system for the electrical laboratories. There is a three phase low voltage supply that provides 18 V of low voltage which is highly safe. This system is valuable in understanding the basic concepts of Three phase circuits like star-delta connections, their phase and line voltages, currents etc. Being different from the present scenario, this system is designed in such a way that a student can himself make connections of three phase circuits because all the experiments are performed on low voltage. The product is designed with keeping in mind that R, L, C combination can be connected in series as well as in parallel in Three Phase circuits.

Features :

Designed considering all the safety standards
i) Hands on Practice
ii) Standalone operation
iii) Test points are provided to measure line and phase parameters

Experiments that can be performed:
a) Study of Three phase low voltage power supply
b) Study of Three phase star connection
c) Study of Three phase delta connection
d) Study of Three phase circuits with balanced load
e) Study of Three phase circuits with unbalanced load
f) Study of Three phase power measurement


• Three Phase Low Voltage Power Supply
• Input: Three Phase Mains (240V Phase voltage, 415V Line voltage 50Hz) ± 10%
• Outputs: 18V Phase voltage, 28V line voltage 50Hz ± 10%
• Power Switch: Three Phase
• Resistive Load, Capacitive Load & Inductive Load:
o Can be connected in Series, Parallel, Star and Delta configurations.
o Can be connected to AC Single and 3 Phase sources.
o Controlled by 3 x 3 switches for 7 steps selection.
o Resistors: 220Ω, 330Ω, 500Ω
o Capacitors: 10µF, 22µF and 47µF
o Inductors: 200mH, 33mH, 560mH
• Dimension (mm) : W 365 × D 265 × H 120


• 1 set 5 Pin 415VAC, 50Hz Power Plug
• 1 set of Connecting leads


The system comes complete with experimental with solution/answers, operational and maintenance manuals in soft copy


All Product, Product Specifications And Data Are Subject To Change Without Notice To Improve Reliability, Function Or Design Or Otherwise.