The strobe horn fire alarm is a kind of terminal device for alarm; it is used for the sound & light alarm when the fire happens.

Feature: Adopt the two-wire or the four-wire system wiring method and the main line end receives two main lines, no polarization; and connect the power end to DC24V power line.

o Temperature Range: -10~+50℃
o Humidity Range: ≤95% RH
o Operating Voltage: DC12-DC24 No-polarized
o Working Current : ≤60 mA
o Flash Intensity: ≥1.2 WS
o Flash Period: ≤1.0 S
o Alarm Sound: ≥100 dB
o Flash Light Lifespan: ≥40000 TIME
o Alarm Sound Type: 3 Type sounds:
1. Ambulance Sound
2. Police Car Sound
3. Fire Truck Sound

Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices.