Basic Pneumatics & Electro-Pneumatics Trainer FP-100

FP100 specially designed to teach students for demonstrating basic pneumatic and electro-pneumatic training by using high quality industrial grade components.

Equipment Capabilities

System able to perform the following training aims for:

  1. Introduction to fundamental of pneumatics & electro-pneumatics
  2. Get to know the function and application of pneumatics & electro-pneumatics system and components
  3. Assembly simple pneumatics & electro-pneumatics circuits
  4. Analysis of pneumatics & electro-pneumatics control circuits
  5. Troubleshooting the pneumatics & electro-pneumatics circuits
  6. Testing & commissioning of pneumatics & electro-pneumatics circuits
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The Systems consist of:

10.1 Unit OR Valve Module

11.1 Unit AND Valve Module

12.1 Unit Relay C/W Base Module

13.1 Unit Timer C/W Base Module

14.1 Unit Electrical Roller Limit Switches Module

15.1 Unit Selector Switch Module (NC/NO)

16.1 Unit Push Button Switch Module (NC/NO)

17.1 Unit Push Button Switch Module (NO/NO)

18.1 Unit Push Button Switch Module (NC/NC)

19.1 Unit Pilot Lamps (Red & Green) Module


  1. 4 mm pneumatic hose (35cm x 10 pcs)
  2. 6 mm pneumatic hose (100cm x 1 pc)
  3. 5 units T connector
  4. 10 units 4mm Stackable Test Lead Set
  5. 24VDC Power Supply Unit
  • Input Power Supply : AC240V 50Hz
  • Max. Output Power Supply : 24VDC 1.5A
  • Safety Socket Terminals
  • 3-Pin 240 VAC Power Cord
  1. Softcopy Instruction & Experiments Manual

Optional Accessories





Product PEPTS Basic-Pneumatics-Electro-Pneumatics-Trainer-FP-100-Silent Air Compressor (13901)

Silent Oil-Less Air Compressor

  • Displacement 3cfm
  • Working pressure: 7kg/cm2 (7 bar)
  • 0.5HP 650RPM electric motor 240V 50Hz, 1 ph