Conveyor System Trainers CST-20800

CST-20800 is the stand alone conveyor system trainers to simulate the actual conveyer belt system and easily access all information from the sensors integrated at both side, continuous speed control the movement of the conveyors by variable speed controller. The length of the conveyors is 800mm, others length may order request. The conveyor is driven by AC induction motor with speed controller.


o Continuous speed control the movement of the conveyors by speed controller
o Flexibility in the future sensors integration at both side of the conveyor
o Adjustable guide at both side of the conveyor which fixes the side sensors and easily adjusts the required location along the length of the conveyor.


Conveyor System:
o Input Voltage: 220VAC, 50Hz
o Motorized With Speed Controller
o Size: 800mm (L) x 200mm (W) X 750MM (H)
o Motor: 25W, 220VAC, Single Phase, 50Hz, Induction Motor
o Speed Controller: 0 ~ 5m/min (Variable Speed Control)
o Frame Structure: Aluminum profiles With GI Slider Bed
o Support: Aluminum profile 40X40 with adjustable footing
o Conveyor Belting: PVC green belt, 2 ply

o Capacitive Sensor
o Inductive Sensor

Control Box:
o DPDT Relay (Input 24Vdc) x 1 unit
o SPDT Relay (Input 24Vdc) x I unit
o Emergency Button x 1
o NO Push Button x 1
o NC Push Button x I
o SPDT Toggle Switch x1
o AC 220 output

Optional Advanced Application

o Advanced mechanism modules for controlling the sequence stopping / holding / releasing for individual work piece
o Through beam light sensors
o Programmable Logic Controller Module
o Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatics System Module
o Compressed air supply manifold Module (10 points)


Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices.

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