Bearing Driver Trainers MTS-400

Comprehensive package of mechanical training system MTS-5000 combines the best features of five proven EDU-LABS mechanical training systems MTS-100, MTS-200, MTS-300, MTS-400 and MTS-500 in one hands-on workstation. The system allows the student to progress through the full range of common mechanical skills using one comprehensive training system.


• Aluminum Profile System designed with provision for X, Y and Z combination mounting capability.
• Universal Adjustable Motor Base for angular tensioning, Universal Adjustable Idler module and driven elements.
• Heavy-duty flanged bearings allowing for variation in shaft misalignment.
• Polished Shafting included
• Ball nuts & Ball screws
• Ball Transfer Unit
• Thrust needle roller bearings
• Needle roller bearings
• Tapered roller bearings
• Thrust ball bearings
• Angular ball bearings
• Radial ball bearings
• Ball Bearings
• Plain bearings (aka bushings/bushes)



• Lab Sheet 1: Introduction to Bearings
• Lab Sheet 2: Installation of Plain Bearings
• Lab Sheet 3: Installation of Radial Ball Bearings
• Lab Sheet 4: Installation of Thrust Ball Bearings and Thrust Needle Bearings
• Lab Sheet 5: Installation of Angular Ball Bearings
• Lab Sheet 6: Installation of Tapered Roller Bearings
• Lab Sheet 7: Installation of Ball Transfer Unit


• Lab Sheet 8: Ball Nuts and Ball Screws
• Lab Sheet 9: Linear Bearings
• Lab Sheet 10: Linear Slide Assembly
• Lab Sheet 11: Backlash Measurement
• Lab Sheet 12: Lead and Speed ratio
• Lab Sheet 13: Bearing Maintenance and Lubrication

Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices.

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