The Basic Hydraulics Trainers FH-201 is consists of actual industrial grade hydraulics components and parts which are commonly apply and used in industrial field. It is classified into basic level training experiments.


It is easily customizable in modular format for the logical analysis of electrics circuits, design and wiring in hydraulics and electro-hydraulics training experiments, which is included electric control for hydraulics sequence control.


It uses a standard plug-in profile panel for common use of all the training set. Each part could be horizontally or vertically attached and detached on the profile panel without any tools.



  • Modular design allows modifications to suit needs/requirements of the course/students.
  • Custom sizes for the modular-board can also be provided upon request.
  • Additional modular components can are also available separately should the need arise.
  • Comes with high quality industrial grade components complete with quick release coupling mounted ready for use.
  • All modules complete with male quick release coupling


Component List

No Description Part Number Qty
1.0 Plug Board Experiments Panel (600mm x 700mm) 20101 1
  Complete With:    
i Built-in Pressure Manifold Module 20102 1
ii Built-in Tank Manifold Module 20103 1
2.0 Power Pack Unit 20200 1
  Complete With:    
i 1HP Single Phase Electric Hydraulic Motor Module 20201 1
ii Gear Pump 20202 1
iii 5 Liters Reservoir Tank 20203 1
ix Hydraulic Oil 20204 1
3.0 Pressure Relief Valve 20210 1
4.0 Ball Valve Module 20301 1
5.0 Flow Control Valve Module 20307 2
6.0 Pressure Gauge (0~150Bar / 0~3500psi) 20211 2
7.0 4/3 Way Manual Control Valve C/W Built-In Relief Valve Module 20310 1
8.0 Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Module 20501 1
9.0 T-Joint Module Complete with Quick Release Coupling 20901 2
10.0 Flexible Hydraulic Hose come with Female Quick Release Coupling (0.8m) 20903 5
11.0 Flexible Hydraulic Hose come with Female Quick Release Coupling (1.5m) 20905 3


Courseware and Accessories

No Description Part Number Qty
1 Instruction Manual With Collection Of Circuit Exercises (Hydraulics) 20001 1



Note: Specification, Layout & Design May Change Without Prior Notices For Continuous Products Upgrading and Development Process.