Green Energy Photovoltaic Trainers CE-60800

The Green Energy Photovoltaic Trainer CE-60800 introduces the basics of converting sunlight into electrical energy. Experimental set-Up has been designed specifically to study the following experiments topics.

Experiment contents:
• The characteristics of solar modules.
• The characteristics of series connection of solar modules.
• The characteristics of parallel connection of solar modules.
• Calculation of Voltage and Current of solar modules in series
• Calculation of Voltage and Current of solar modules in parallel
• Calculation of efficiency of solar cells
• Study of V–I curve and power curve of solar cells to find maximum power point
• The characteristics of solar module related to variation in light intensity.
• The characteristics of solar modules in relation to angular from a light device.
• The characteristic of battery.
• The characteristics of inverter.
• The experimental of solar generation system.
• The experimental of solar loading system.
• Applications of Solar cells in domestic purposes

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1. Solar Panel Module
a) Mono crystalline silicon solar module :
• Power: 100W X 4
• Open circuit voltage: 21.7V
• Short circuit voltage: 5.6A
• Max. power voltage: 17.6V
• Max. power current: 5.11A
b) Series and parallel connection of modules.
c) Adjust angle 0~45º

2. Lighting Device:
a) 200W halogen lamp
b) Power 240V, 50/60Hz

3. Solar Inverter:
• Rated power: 450 W.
• Output voltage: 240V.
• Frequency: 50Hz
• Waveform: true sine wave (THD< 3%).
• Bat. Input Voltage: 21~30vdc.
• AC Charge : 29v, 2.7a ±0.4a
• Solar Charge : 45vmax, 30mamax
• Protection: AC Short, Overload.

4. Battery:
• Nominal Voltage: 12V.
• Capacity: 12AH.

5. Battery Charger:
• Nominal Voltage: 12V.
• Capacity: 12AH.

6. Instruments:
• Solar module voltage: 0 ~ 500VDC
• Solar module current: 0 ~ 10ADC
• Battery voltage: 0 ~ 500VDC
• Battery current: 0 ~ 10ADC
• Single Phase Power Analysis Meter
o Measurement of voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and energy.
o High-brightness LED Display.
o Accuracy : up to 0.2%
o Input voltage: 0 ~ 500V
o Input current: 0 ~ 5A

7. Loading Units:
• Resistive Load Unit: 0 ~ 100W
• Inductive Load Unit: 0 ~ 100W
• Capacitive Load Unit: 0 ~ 100W

8. Experiments Panel Frame
• Length : 1460mm
• Width : 20mm
• Height : 300mm

Note: Products specification may change without prior notices for products continuous development and upgrading process.