Universal AC/DC Power Supply EM-30-09-06-01

The system designed to provide all fixed and variable AC and DC supplies which necessary in an electrical machines laboratory to perform the experiment required and work project.


The unit is contained in a metal housing with clear front panel identification and 4mm safety sockets that make its easy and safe.

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Three Phase Power Supply EM-30-09-01

  • Power Input: 3 Phase 240V/415V, 50Hz via input 5 core cable with 5 pin AC Plug, 32A.
  • 5 Pin AC Socket 16A.
  • Indicator: 3 pilot lamp for power line in three color coded. (Red, Yellow & Blue)
  • Connection: 3P+N+PE.
  • Protection: Earth leakage circuit breaker and miniature circuit breaker.
  • Three Pole ON/OFF Selector Switch.
  • Fixed Three Phase AC Power supply: 3 x 415V AC; 13A AC (Line To Line)
  • Fixed Single Phase AC Power supply: 3 x 240V AC; 13A AC (Line To Neutral)

AC/DC Variable Power Supply EM-30-09-04

  • Fixed Single Phase AC Power Supply: 240VAC, 50Hz
  • Adjustable Single Phase AC/DC Power Supply (Simultaneously) :
  • 0 ~ 250VAC, 0 ~ 5A AC
  • 0 ~ 250VDC, 0 ~ 5A DC
  • AC/DC Voltmeter& AC/DC Ammeters provided to indicate output volts and amps.

AC Socket Outlet EM-30-09-05

  • 2 nos. 13A / 250V AC switched socket outlets.


  • Instruction Manual

Packing Detail

  • Dimension (L x W x H mm): 900 x 450 x 260
  • Weight (Kg): 28


Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices.