Three Phase slip ring induction motors, the rotor is actually “wound on an armature”.
The windings are brought out to terminals by a set of three “slip rings” on the armature shaft.
Three phase winding both stator and rotor induction motor with slip ring at the rotor end.
Winding terminals of K, L & M brought out for external Rotor Resistance Starter application.

o Nominal Power : 7500W / 10HP
o Nominal Voltage : 415VAC
o Current : 15A
o Nominal Speed : 1500 rpm
o Pole : 4
o Type : Wound Rotor
o Frequency : 50 Hz
o Cooling Method : Self Cooling
o Material : Cast Iron
o Protection : IP55
o Terminals : 4mm Safety Socket
o Base : Complete With Cart Installed With Heavy Duty Castor Wheel With Lock In Front
o Manual : Instruction & Experimental
o Coupling & Sleeve : Option EM-30-CS
o Weight : 96Kg

Typical Experimental

o Rotor Resistance Starting
o Speed Control
o Torque Speed Test



Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices.