AC three Phase generator type for testing mechanical load characteristics, convenience to measuring output torque & speed of motor on testing by attach to Prime Mover, Torque Sensor & Controller. To measure the characteristics of torque and speed.

o Nominal Power : 750W (1HP)
o Nominal Voltage : 240VAC (L-N) / 415VAC (L-L)
o Nominal Current : 2.5A
o Nominal Speed : 1500 rpm
o Frequency : 50 Hz
o Excitation : Permanent Magnet
o Cooling Method : Self Cooling
o Terminals : 4mm Safety Socket
o Base Unit : Attachable To Motor Unit As Prime Mover
o Manual : Instructional & Experimental
o Coupling & Sleeve : Option EM-30-50-02 & EM-30-50-03


Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices.