The manual call points provide a textured finger-hold area that includes Braille text. In addition to PUSH IN and PULL-DOWN text, there are arrows indicating how to operate the station, provided for non-English-speaking people.
Pushing in and then pulling down on the handle activates the normally-open alarm switch. Once latched in the down position, the word ACTIVATED” appears at the top in bright yellow, with a portion of the handle protruding at the bottom as a visible flag.
Resetting the station is simple: insert the key, twist one quarter-turn, then open the station’s front cover, causing the spring-loaded operation handle to return to its original position. The alarm switch can then be reset to its normal (non-alarm) position manually (by hand) or by closing the station’s front cover, which automatically resets the switch.

o Operating Voltage Range: 9~28VDC Volts
o Alarm Current 45 mA @ 24 VDC
o Operating Humidity Range: 10% to 93% Relative Humidity, Non-condensing
o Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)


Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices.