o Main & D/C on indication
o Main fail indication
o Battery fail indication
o Charger fail indication
o Bell line fail indication
o Zone fire, fault & isolate indication
o Evacuate switch & indication
o Buzzer isolate switch & indication
o Bell isolate switch & indication
o Fire station isolate & indication
o Auxiliary trip isolate switch & indication
o Main on / off switch
o Test lamp switch
o Test zone alarm, fault & isolate switch
o Test battery push button switch
o Master reset push button switch



4 zones fire alarm control panel c/w built in charger
o Power supply input : 240V AC 50Hz
o Charger : Auto / Trickle
o End of line : 8K2 Ohms
o CMS output : N/O Contact
o Operating / System : 24V DC
o Charging rate : 300mA / 2.5A (Boost)
o Auxiliary output : 24V, 1 Amp
o Current spec : Standby Mode – Master: 75mA, per zone c/w detector: 5mA
o Alarm Mode – Master : 140mA, per trigger zone: 70mA
o Output devices (typical) : 200mA, per bell: 30mA
o 2 units Standby battery 12V/2.3Ah


Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices.