Basic Electricity Trainers EE-3100

Basic Electricity Trainers EE-3100

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The EE-3100 Basic Electricity Trainer is an comprehensive and self-contained system specially design for Electricity Circuit experiments training, the system consist of Main Module Unit and Experiment Module covers a wide variety of essential topics in the field of Electricity Circuit. It is a time and cost saving device for both students and researchers interested in developing and testing circuit prototypes in institution and universities. Modules complete with Simulation fault switches for student fault-finding experiments. Complete with full documentation for Instruction Manual, Experiments Manual and Model Answers.


  1. DC Voltage Measurement
  2. Using an Ohmmeter
  3. Resistor Characteristics
  4. DC Current Measurement
  5. Ohm's Law 6. Power in DC Circuit
  6. Series-Parallel Network and Kirchhoff's Law
  7. Superposition, Thevenin's and Norton's Theorems
  8. Maximum Power Transfer Theorem
  9. DC RC Circuit and Transient Phenomena
  10. AC Voltage Measurement 12. AC Current Measurement
  11. AC RC Circuit
  12. AC RL Circuit
  13. AC RLC Circuit
  14. Power in AC Circuit
  15. Transformer Characteristics
  16. Series-Resonant Circuit
  17. Parallel-Resonant Circuit
  18. LC Filter


1. DC Power Supplies Module

Fixed Output: +5V/1A, -5V/0.5A, +12V/0.5A, -12V/0.5A

Variable Output: +0V ~ +25V/1A, -0V to -25V/0.5A

All power supplies are short circuit protected.

2. AC Power Supplies Module


3. Function Generator & Clock Generator

Sine, Triangle and Square waveform output

Frequency range : 1Hz to 1MHz in 6 decades

With fine adjust, Amplitude and DC offset control

Clock output 1Hz to 1MHz in 6 decades

Six frequency ranges:

  • 1Hz to 10Hz
  • 10Hz to 100Hz
  • 100Hz to 1KHz
  • 1KHz to 10KHz
  • 10KHz to 100KHz
  • 100KHz to 500KHz

Sine wave output: 0 to 12V peak to peak variable

Triangle wave output: 0 to 8V peak to peak variable

Square wave output: 0 to 12V peak to peak variable

4. Solderless Breadboard Module

Interconnected with 1680 tie points nickel plated contact, fits all components with DIP sizes and solid wire AWG#22-30 (0.30.8mm).

5. 5 HI/LO Data Output Switches Module

Five slide switches’ separate input terminals.

When slide switch set at "down" position, the output is LO level; it will be HI level while setting at "up" position.

6. Multi Interface Adaptor Module

Miniature Socket, 2mm Socket & 4mm Banana Adaptors

The ULS-2000 is shipped with a comprehensive user’s manual and a power cord.

Power Supply: 240VAC, 50Hz (Fused Protected)

Dimensions: (W x D x H) 310 x 260 x 90mm

Weight: 3.0 kgs

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