Digital Logic Trainer DLT-8000

Digital Logic Trainer DLT-8000

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• Fixed DC Power Supply
o Voltage range: +5V, -5V, +12V and -12V
o Maximum current output: 1A for +5V, 500mA for others
o Output overload protection

• Variable DC Power Supply
o Voltage range: +0V ~ +23V, -0V ~ -23V
o Maximum current output: 500mA

• Variable Clock Generator:
o Output level: independent and simultaneous TTL and CMOS
o Fanout: 10 TTL loads
o Six frequency ranges:
 1Hz to 10Hz
 10Hz to 100Hz
 100Hz to 1kHz
 1kHz to 10kHz
 10kHz to 100kHz
 100kHz to 1MHz

• Data Switches:
o Two 8-bit DIP switches giving 16-bit TTL level output

• Four toggle switches:
o Each with debounced circuit, TTL and CMOS outputs
o Fanout: 10 TTL loads

• Pulser Switches:
o Two sets, each having debounced TTL and CMOS,
o Fanout: 10 TTL loads

• Thumbwheel Switches:
o Two-digit, BCD code output, common point input

• Logic Indicators:
o 16 sets of independent LEDs, indicating high and low logic

• Seven-Segment Displays:
o Four sets of independent 7-segment displays, with BCD, 7-segment decoder/driver and decimal point input terminal, input with 8-4-2-1 code

• Logic Probe:
o TTL and CMOS level, 3mm LED displays indicate high and low logic states

• Speaker:
o 8W , 0.25W speaker with driver circuit

• Removable Solder less Breadboard:
o 1680 interconnected tie points, accepting all DIP devices, components with leads and solid wires of AWG 22-30 (0.3MM to 0.8MM)#

• Accessories:
o Power lead, connecting leads, fuse and user manual.

• Power Supply:
o 240V AC ±10% 50/60Hz

Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices.

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