Digital Logic Trainer DLLT-1300

Digital Logic Trainer DLLT-1300

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• Robust and user friendly digital trainer that consist of sufficient main components for user to use in building and constructing digital electronic circuits and its application.
• The main base unit is equipped with various I/O devices on the main system board to facilitate construction of circuit with ease.
• The system also comes with a comprehensive set of modular experiment board modules that covers most digital logic circuit theory practice and application. Each experiment modules comprises of clearly labelled component mimic diagrams and dedicated blocks to clearly show users the circuit connection and function of dedicated blocks.
• Built in wiring points and test points to ease circuit connection and signal measurements.
• Suitable and widely use a base in conducting practical digital electronics courses.

• Solderless Breadboard
◦ Interconnected nickel plated contact with 1680 tie-points( removable)
• DC Power Supply
◦ Variable ±1.5VDC ~ ±15VDC/500mA
◦ Fixed +5VDC/1A
◦ Fixed -5VDC/500mA
◦ Fixed +12V/500mA
• Sixteen (16) Bits Output LEDs
• Sixteen (16) Bits Data Input Switches
• Four (4) Slide Data Input Switches
• Two (2) Pulse Switches (with debounced circuit)
◦ output TTL and complement TTL
• Pulse Signal Generator (Variable)
◦ frequency range : 1Hz~10Hz
◦ Output : TTL and variable amplitude output
• RC Configurable Timer Output from 1Hz
• AC supply : 50Hz, 12VAC ( With Overload Protection)
• Robust Mono-Board Design
• Built-in Digital Multimeter :
◦ Display : 3.5 digit LCD
◦ Dc Voltage : 200mV/2V/20V/200V/1000V
◦ Dc Current : 2000μA/20mA/200mA/10A
◦ AC voltage : 200V/750V
◦ Resistance : 200Ω/2KΩ/20KΩ/200KΩ/2000KΩ
◦ Continuity Tester
◦ Transistor Tester
• Intelligent Logic Probe with 7- Segment LED indicator
• Variable Resistor (Potentiometer) :
◦ 1K-Ohm (0.25W); 3-output terminals
◦ 100K-Ohm (0.25W); 3-output terminals
◦ 1M-Ohm (0.25W); 3-output terminals
• Four (4) digits 7-segment LED display with BCD decoder drivers
• Built in 8-Ohm speaker
• Main On/Off switch with indicator and overload protection with fuse
• Input supply : 240VAC/50Hz

• User / Operational Manual x 1
• Mains Power Cord x 1
• Spare fuse x 2
• Connecting Lead
• Jumper wire (Male to Male) x 1


Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices.

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