Electricity And Electronics Fundamental Trainer EE-30120

Electricity And Electronics Fundamental Trainer EE-30120

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This Electricity and Electronics Fundamentals Trainer EE-30120 is a learn how to troubleshoot electrical / electronic fundamentals circuits with this unique hands-on troubleshooting training program using live circuits. This item is a learn how to troubleshoot electrical / electronic fundamentals circuits with this unique hands-on troubleshooting training program using live circuits. Each item must conform to the following specifications:

An applications of basic electricity and electronics that are required for technicians. It then progress to fundamental theorems and laws with basic circuits and principles of magnetism and AC/DC power. It is cover suction resistors, capacitors, diodes, semiconductors, various types of circuits such as power supplies, emitter, Amps, Op Amps and then finished with basic concepts of Digital Logic Circuits with some applications for AD and DA conversion, counters and decoders.

Connections should be made by 2mm stackable test leads which are provided together with the modules.

The Basic Electricity Trainer should have the following specifications:
Student Base Station:
Serves as the platform for carrying out the student experiments. Provides for all the primary needs of the experiment modules.
Fixed regulated DC power supplies: -5V, -15V, -15V
Fixed AC power: +6V, -6V, +7.5V, -7.5V, +9V, -9V, +12V, -12V
Variable regulated DC power supply: 0-25V
Potentiometers: 4 units
Speaker: 2.25 inch, 8 ohm/ 0.25w
Test leads: 1 set of 2mm test leads
Set of PCB instructional modules: At least 5 modules should be provided Schematic diagram

1 User manual (digital Microsoft word & pdf format)

Testing and commissioning requires a demonstration to show the functioning and full operation of the equipment at site.

1 year parts and labor on manufacturing defects

Set of PCB Board Experiment Modules:
The trainer comes with a complete set of experimental board modules that closely follows the courseware. Each module consists of a high quality epoxy coated fiber glass printed circuit board with the electronic components mounted on to the surface. Each board is printed with a clearly laid out silk screened schematic circuit or component diagram. The experiment boards are designed to be very educational and to reinforce the link between the theoretical and practical aspects.

C. Topics of Experiments:
- Electrical and Electronic symbols & schematic diagrams
- Electricity/Electronic safety
- Using the Multi meter
- Series and Parallel Resistance Circuits
- Voltage and Voltage Measurement
- Measurement and Control of DC
- Ohm's Law and the Series Circuit
- The Parallel Circuit
- Series-Parallel Circuits
- Kirchoff's Laws
- Thevenin's Theorem
- Power
- Electricity and Magnetism
- Alternating Current Measurement
- Capacitors
- Capacitive Reactance and Phase Measurement
- Inductance
- Series RL and RC Circuit Characteristics
- The Series Resonant Circuit
- Parallel Resonance
- Power in AC Circuits
- Filter Circuits
- Non linear Devices
- Semi conductor Diodes
- Diode Circuits
- Power Supply Circuits
- Junction Transistors
- Common Emitter Amplifier Characteristics
- The Emitter Follower Amplifier
- Advanced Transistor Amplifier Circuits
- Audio Amplifier Characteristics
- Differential Amplifier
- Field-Effect Transistors and Amplifiers
- Linear Integrated Circuits
- Op Amp Circuits
- Oscillators
- Multi vibrators
- 555 Timer
- Large-Scale IC Signal Generation
- Signal Control Circuits
- Solid-State Switches
- Digital IC Gate Circuits
- Analog-to-Digital Conversion
- Digital-to-Analog Conversion
- Digital IC Decoders

D. Text Book and Experiment Manual.
Includes step-by-step chapters with practical experiments. Each chapter also includes student test.

Note: Due to products continuous development process, layout and specification may change without prior notices.

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